Nov. 9th, 2001

Canoe Polo action on Friday night was awesome! The four teams put on a great show.

Two teams, the MOB and the Untouchables, were missing team members so players from other teams joined and assisted them in their evening of fun battle.

GAME 1  Paddlewailers Vs Untouchables:
The Paddlewailers were a tough match for the Untouchables who won by one point with a score of 4 - 3. Derrick Law, Brett Boughen, and Andy Hyde each scored for the Paddlewailers. Marie Burrell and Mark Kelly each scored once while Scott Kerby shot two balls into the net leading the Untouchables to their win.

GAME 2  Crushers Vs The MOB:
It was a shutout game for the Crushers! Their name is true to their nature, crushing their opponents in a 6 – 0 match! Garry Morgan led the team with three goals and two assists. John Quinsey had one goal and two assists and Vernon Beebe helped out with two goals. Even though it was a shutout game it was an action packed game and in the fury the MOB’s Sue Deforest accidentally rammed (T-Boned) opponent Tavis (no last name given) in the side causing his boat to flip. Tavis was stunned but ok. This is a highly illegal move, and frowned upon, and because it can occur, safety gear (padded life-vest) is important to wear.

GAME 3  Paddlewailers Vs Crushers:
This was a challenging and high-energy game; both teams played very good offence and defense. Gord deBruyn scored the only goal on net this game, securing the win for the Paddlewailers, in the second shutout game for the evening, with a 1 – 0 score.

GAME 4  Untouchables Vs The MOB:
These teams were a good match and both teams played strategically. Mark Kelly, Bill Souter, John Quinsey, and Tavis (unknown last name) each scored single points for a tally of four points for the MOB. Marie Burrell who scored two points led the Untouchables. Scott Kerby, Theresa Landman and Mike Swainson each scored one point, assisting the Untouchables to a victorious 5 – 4 win over the MOB.

You can watch the action Friday evenings from 8pm to 9:30 pm at the Lions Pool. See you out there!


Paddlewailers 3
Untouchables 4


Paddlewailers 1
The Crushers    0


The Crushers 6
The MOB         0


Untouchables 5
The MOB       4

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