November 2, 2001 was the first night of this seasons recreational Canoe Polo organised by the Yukon Canoe & Kayak Club.

Canoe Polo is often played during the winter months where the basic skills of kayaking can be practiced while playing a fun game. Canoe Polo, aka kayak polo, is played with five players (in kayaks) in the water on each team.

There are square nets suspended from the ceiling at each end of the pool and the 20-minute game is played similar to hockey or basketball. The object of the game is to get the ball into the opponents net more times than they put it in yours.

Four teams are battling it out at the Lions Pool each Friday evening during the month of November. Friday was an explosive evening of both physical and technical game play.

The Paddlewailers, led by team captain Derrick Law, is a strong team and will be a challenge to contend with.

Vernon Beebe is the captain of The Crushers who are a diverse and talented team.

The Untouchables are our rookie team who has a couple of experienced players to learn from, such as their team captain, Theresa Landman.

Our final team, The MOB (man over board), is a team who likes to play tactically and is led by team captain Sue Deforest.

All teams are stoked to paddle hard and score lots of shots on net! Watch for them on Friday nights between 8 and 9:30 at the Lions Pool. Thanks to all those team members who helped to referee, set up the nets, and put the kayaks away. Each Friday four games are played; here are the results of our first games!


Paddlewailers 3
The Crushers   2


The Crushers 7
Untouchables  4


The MOB         4
Untouchables 5


The MOB         1
Paddlewailers 7

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