Press Release: Canoe Polo results Friday Nov. 16, 2001

GAME 1  Crushers Vs Untouchables:
Gord deBruyn led the Untouchables with three goals and was backed up
by Theresa Landman with two goals while Bill Souter added one point for the
team. Souter defended net tonight with great success. The Untouchables were
on fire this game and were victorious over the Crushers with a 6-0 game.
GAME 2  Paddlewailers Vs The MOB:
This game was very energetic and both teams had some great plays.
Scott Kerby scored the only point for the MOB which was assisted by Marie
Burrell. The Paddlewailers' Brett Boughen was the powerhouse during this
game and scored all four points on net. Brett was very enthusiastic this
game and unknowingly made an illegal handtackle against opponent Ayla
Kempton. In an attempt to push her over into the water she was pushed  over
onto another boat as it moved in to take possession of the ball.  Since we
are still learning and fine tuning the rules of the game, there was some
discrepancy over this tackle. After double checking with the national rules,
this indeed was considered a foul. The game ended in a 4-1 outcome.
GAME 3  Paddlewailers Vs Untouchables:
This was a tough game and both teams worked hard for their points.
There was a narrow margin of only one point this game. Mark Kelly scored two
points for the Paddlewailers, following with Derrick Law and Brett Boughen
each scoring one point each. The Untouchables are really working well
together and are learning the game well. Gord deBruyn, Marie Burrell and
Mike Swainson each scored single points for the Untouchables. Tally: 4-3 for
the Paddlewailers.
GAME 4  Crushers Vs The MOB:
The Crushers dominated this game over the MOB. The MOB was missing
three of their regular players, due to illness and injury, so they borrowed
some help tonight from other teams. Theresa Landman (of the Untouchables)
scored the only point for the MOB and she was hot tonight with really
powerful and fast paddling. There were many shots against the MOB's goal
with a great effort by Karine Belanger. The win by the Crushers was led by
Gary Morgan with three points followed by John Quinsey putting in the final
point. The final game of the night was 4-1 for the Crushers.


Crushers         0
Untouchables 6


Paddlewailers  4
Untouchables    3


Paddlewailers 4
The MOB         1


Crushers        4
The MOB         1


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