Press Release: November 30, 2001

Kayak Polo began in the Yukon several years ago. I’m not exactly sure when, but the local paddlers wanted to maintain their skills during the winter. As far as I understand, local paddlers such as Bob Daffe, Rob Lewis, Vernon Beebe, Gary Morgan and Gord deBruyn were some of the pioneers of Kayak Polo in the Yukon. Kayak polo is known internationally, and technically, as Canoe Polo, but we still refer to it locally as kayak polo. At present we play under the direction of the Yukon Canoe & Kayak Club and we are a small portion of its membership.

The skill level of local players is on the rise and we soon hope to have a team play at the Canadian Nationals, which is held every February in Edmonton. If we are to send a team we need to train more than we do. Currently we have been playing the game only on Friday evenings, however, we need to refine our skills, such as passing accurately, shooting at net with precision, and knowing how & when to outplay the opponent team. For the past couple years we have entertained the idea of going to the Nationals, but the players are concerned about the costs involved. (Ex.: Pool rental, travel expenses, accommodation, and time off of work) If there is any interest from players and if we can find sponsors, we would love to go to the Nationals, after all we were invited last year and are invited for this February!

Our results of games played Friday Nov. 30, 2001:

Game One: Crushers vs. Paddlewailers

This was a high scoring game! (Most often in Canoe Polo the scores are low.) The Paddlewailers were rockin’ tonite! Scoring three points each, Andy Hyde and Gord deBruyn were the leading paddlers (one of Hyde’s shots was taken near the centreline!), while Derrick Law and Mark Kelly added one goal each for the team. The Crusher’s Vernon Beebe and Gary Morgan each scored twice for their team while John Quinsey and Edith Belanger added one each for a total of six goals. The Paddlewailers led this match with an 8 – 6 win.

Game Two: The Untouchables vs. The MOB

Most shots on net by the Untouchables were single shots. Marie Burrell, Mike Swainson, Gary Morgan and Scott Kerby each scored one point while Gord deBruyn scored twice, bringing the total to 6 points. Edith Belanger, deBruyn, and Burrell all had assists this game. Scoring for the MOB was Tavis Schwartzin and Mark Kelly, while Sue Deforest had an assist. The Untouchables were definitely true to their name this game winning with a 6 – 2 lead.

Game Three: The MOB vs. the Paddlewailers

The Paddlewailers dominated this match with a six to one lead over the MOB. Sue Deforest placed the lone goal in for the MOB tonight. Andy Hyde was the high scorer for the Paddlewailers this game with three goals. Marie Burell, Vernon Beebe and Derrick Law each scored one goal. Law’s goal was a surprise as he tossed the ball backwards over his head blindly!

Game Four: The Crushers vs. the Untouchables

No names were recorded for this game. It was a close game however, with the Untouchables leading by a narrow margin (5 – 4) over the Crushers.


Crushers          6
Paddlewailers 8


Paddlewailers   6
The MOB           2


Untouchables   6
The MOB          2


Crushers        5
Untouchables   4


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