PRESS RELEASE: November 23, 2001

It was another action filled evening at the Lions Pool. Perhaps it was the most eventful evening of Canoe Polo thus far! We played our usual four games, and they got off to a normal start.

Game 1  The MOB vs the Paddlewailers:
put the power on Friday causing the Paddlewailers to work extra hard for the first game of the evening. The kayaks were charging back and forth across the pool. The Paddlewailers Brett Boughen scored three goals followed by Andy Hyde and Derrick Law with one goal each. Their efforts let them to a 5-4 win over the MOB. Jim Tousignant scored two goals while Gord deBruyn and Sue Deforest each scored once.

Game 2  The Crushers vs the Untouchables:
There were two tied games Friday. The Crushers and Untouchables played the second game of the night scoring 2 points each. Edith Belanger and John Quinsey scored for the Crushers while Mark Kelly and Scott Kerby scored for the Untouchables. Mark Kelly had a penalty shot tonight due to an opponents paddle blocking a shot on net too close to allow Kelly to release the ball.

Game 3  The Untouchables vs The Paddlewailers:
The other tied game was during the third game, the Untouchables vs. the Paddlewailers. It was a 4 all game. Scott Kerby hammered in two goals while Gord deBruyn and Mark Kelly each scored once for the Untouchables. Bill Souter had a penalty shot tonight due to Edith Belangerís illegal interference with an attempted shot on net by Souter. Scoring singles for the Paddlewailers were Tavis Schwartzin and Derrick Law. Brett Boughen also hammered in two shots for his team. Boughen legally tackled deBruyn tonight while deBruyn had possession of the ball. DeBruyn preformed two hand-rolls as a result of loosing his paddle, and all the while, he held on to the ball!

Game 3  The MOB vs The Crushers:
The fourth and final game of the night was upsetting for the MOB as the Crushers stole the game with a 6-2 win. Scoring for the MOB was Andy Hyde and Mark Kelly. Annie Pellicano and John Quinsey dominated the scoring for the Crushers with three goals each.

The final night of games will be on DECEMBER 7th at the Lions Pool at 8pm.


The MOB         4
Paddlewailers 5


Paddlewailers   4
Untouchables   4


Untouchables   2
Crushers       2


Crushers        6
The MOB         2


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