November 23, 1999


Hi everyone!

There has been a problem down here with the organization of the site (Full James is the name of the rapid). The site is dam controlled and they are not letting any water out until two days before the competition, so I will not have much time on the rapid to train.

We went to another river that was really nice (I forget it's name - sorry). It is a 15 minute run with 5 awesome waterfalls. At the end there is the most awesome playhole. While we were there I was starting to get comfortable linking 3-4 ends when 15 other people showed up and I got freaked out and could not do a thing so I left.

Tomorrow (the 24th) we are going to the ocean to do some surfing then coming back to train and compete. There are sooooo many boaters here it is not even funny.


P.S. It's 25 degrees Celsius here…


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