November 27, 1999


Hi everyone


The last few days the group (Jeff, Char, Mike, Jay, and I) have been on the road. Since the water has not been running at the rodeo hole, we thought we might see the country. First we did the Mohaka River, which is beautiful with big house size boulders around.

Then we went to the Ocean and did some surfing which was fun. After we drove to the Kutuna River which is nice with lots of vertical drops. We then went to Warrow River which is so fun but there were lots of people there, however I am getting used to that. All in a 4 day period!

We are now going to hang out and see if we can't get a turn at the rodeo hole. It is raining really hard here so the dam should be able to release some water.

Anyway have to go. Thanks for all your messages and support!


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