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Whitehorse Star July 24th, 1997 Sports Section

THE CRY OF THE KAYAKER - Brian Bell pumps his arms in the air and lets out a scream as his kayak does an 'ender' during Wednesday's evening's kayak and canoe rodeo.


Trevor Braun rides his canoe sideways along the Yukon River.

Canoeists Stand Out
Star Reporter

At Wednesday evening's kayak and canoe rodeo, Trevor Braun and Kirstie Simpson stuck out of the crowd. Amongst all the colorful kayakers, Simpson and Braun were the only people riding the waves and battling the rapids in a canoe.

"It's fun to razz these kayakers. They're twice the paddle and half the man," laughs Braun when it's pointed out he and Simpson are the only canoeist at the meet.

But even though his canoe is slower than the sleek kayaks, Braun and Simpson were doing more tricks and scored more points than their kayaking colleagues.
When Braun was riding solo, he had the crowd of approximately 75 people on the shore cheering when he did an 'ender' with his canoe, meaning he dipped the nose of the canoe into a wave, flipping it straight up into the water. The move is very common among kayakers, but rarely done in a bulky canoe.

"Usually, I've been on a wave and I bury the front end and the water pours in over the boat and you don't stand up," said Braun, who added that he has been trying to do an ender for three years.
Both Simpson and Braun say they prefer a canoe to the kayak.

For Simpson, she doesn't like the tight confines of a kayak. "I like the openness of a canoe and tandem boating is really fun because it's a 50/50 partnership," she said.
"It's a challenge and it's a lot of fun," said the 25-year-old Braun. "Canoes have their advantages. For running big drops, they're really good. There is a lot less chance of getting pinned, and you can get out of it a lot quicker."

The disadvantages of the canoe showed when the pair competed in the slalom course. The duo had to shoot through the rapids, circling around buoys. But the big canoe caught a wave and was blown down stream.
The canoeist finished the slalom in 10 minutes, 36 seconds. The winning kayaker, Kevin Daffe, completed the course in three minutes.

"We just got water in the boat and when you get water in a canoe, that's it. You're paddling a submarine," said Braun.
Here are the top finishers:



1. Kevin Daffe 2:59
2. Wayne Foster 3:22
3. Marcus Waterreus 3:24
4. Dan Thomson 3:37
5. Scott Burrell 3:41
1. Trevor Braun/Kirstie Simpson 10:36

(from dam to the rapids near Selkirk school)

1. Bob Daffe 3:08
2. Scott Burrell 3:19
3. Kevin Daffe 3:21
4. Mike Kelly 3:23
4. Brian Bell 3:24
1. Faye Dymacek/Bob Jackson 2:06
2. Cindy &AMP Terry 2:18
3. Matt Lemke/Mike McLoed 2:27


Adult Advanced
1. Jeff Lewis 81
2. Wayne Foster 79
3. Brain Bell 64
4. Mike Kelly 63
5. Scott Boone 54

Adult Intermediate
1. Merritt Stinson 41
2. Sly Jack 38
3. Vernon Beebe 32

Adult Novice
1. Dan Henry 10.5

Youth Advanced
1. Kevin Daffe 61
2. Scott Burrell 55
3. Jamie Furnis 43
4. Jeff Faulkner 37
5. Nathan Quinsey 25

Youth Novice
1. Owen Holmes 9

Adult Advanced

1. Trevor Braun 53

Adult Intermediate
1. Trevor Braun/Kirstie Simpson 48

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