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Held at the Old City Intake in July or August, the Whitehorse Whitewater Rodeo is a highlight for many boaters and spectators.

This year, the Rodeo is being held August 24th at 5:30pm at the new Centennial footbridge just below the dam.  Registration will start at 5pm, please be there on time!  Registration will cost $10 and enable registrants to participate in all events.

The Old City Intake is located in Riverdale - take Nisutlin Drive to Selkirk Road and stop at the building on the left.

Rodeo participants MUST be YCKC members for insurance reasons.  Membership form is here (62kb PDF)

2002 Whitehorse Whitewater Festival results!

On the Yukon River below the Fish Ladder, 5 minutes from downtown Whitehorse. Events that are part of the festival: freestyle rodeo, a fun wildwater slalom, and maybe more!  Stay tuned for more info

2001 Rodeo

2000 Rodeo

1999 Results

1998 Results

1997 Results

Local paddler, Kevin Daffe, represented Canada's Junior team at the World Whitewater Championships in New Zealand.  Click here to read more!