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New Zealand kayak manufacturer, Bliss-Stick's FlipStick rodeo kayak.

Magazine: After following a link to a new kayaking website www.kayaksession.com and arranging for a promo copy to be sent for this review, I anxiously checked my mailbox daily for two weeks.

Finally upon arrival (it came from France of all places!) I was relieved that my waiting was not in vain. This magazine should come in a plain brown wrapper... this is the stuff we asked for, what we needed - "paddler's porn".

This is a beautiful magazine, oversize glossy pages with the best colour photographs I have ever seen in a magazine. They have spared no expense or effort to produce the slickest, coolest, and absolutely the most-stuffed-with-awesome-content magazine.

The issue I have, #2, highlighed Dustin Knapp's first descent of Tenaya Creek, an incredible 800 foot natural waterslide in California. Also in this issue is an instructional article on Freewheeling by veteran rodeo star Eric Jackson. Paddling destinations in Newfoundland and Mexico were illustrated with stunning pictures. All told it was 75 pages of hardcore kayak porn.

Track down a copy at your favourite paddling store, see for yourself. I guarantee you will be signing up online for your subscription and salivating for the next issue.

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Two Dog River - A book by Richard Day

From the Publisher
At last there is a work of fiction that speaks to the heart and soul of men. Two Dog River is more than a book - it's a journey. So strap in and take the ride. Check it out. The Dog rules! 

About the Author
Richard Day is a 20-year veteran of the outdoor and whitewater rafting and kayaking world. His doctorate in psychology and interest in men's issues, as well as his experience as a creative writing instructor, enable Richard to capture and express the whole whitewater culture and experience. Richard's excellent craft and eccentric talent are evident in Two Dog River and likely to entertain and inspire for years to come. 

Book Description
Two Dog River is a work of fiction that presents outdoor adventure and men's issues in the wet and wild setting of whitewater rafting and kayaking. 

"I read this book last winter, it made me yearn for spring flood.  A really fun read!"  - Derrick Law, Kayak Yukon.



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