For two weeks in January, 1999 a few friends met up in the jungles of Ecuador to paddle some of the most breathtaking class IV and V rivers around.  Theresa Landman has completed a description of the trip and I am pleased to have it online.  Click here to read it.

new.gif (351 bytes)September 22nd, 1999 - I finally got some footage from a riot a couple of us got in, and no we don't mean Corran's Riot Kayaks.  Adam Villard and I were back in Ecuador's capital, Quito on February 5th when there was a general strike slated to protest the government's removal of gasoline, health care, and educational subsidies.   The demonstration turned into a full on riot with helicopter surveillance, people lighting anything possible on fire, throwing rocks at the army and the army returning tear gas.  The files are rather large but the quality is quite good. 

[ Riot part 1 (11MB) | Riot part 2 (3MB) | Riot part 3 (15MB) ]
You may need the latest version of Microsoft's Windows Media Player to view these videos.

group_termas_small.jpg (11852 bytes) Bob on the Upper Mishualli Hiking in to the Upper Jondachi One of the many waterfalls on the Lower Mishualli
Some of the local kids Adam on the Hollin Ecuador Map - it's big! Our driver, Luis
More watefalls on the Lower Mishualli The group paddles beside a cliff Adam on the Jondachi Genner, owner of Rios Ecuador

If you plan on heading north to the famous Otovalo market, I'd recommend staying at the Hotel Ali Shungu.  It is a beautiful place owned by North Americans who really know what customer service and quality of food is.


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