Kayak Polo
Fall 2005

Your Kayak Polo coordinator this season is Bob Kostelnik. We have looked at past seasons of kayak polo and have a few ideas that may help keep the numbers of players high while keeping the excitement and fun appealing to all paddlers.

This year, we will start with the “sign up for a team for the night on the whiteboard when you arrive” system.  If it looks like we have enough people and interest to set up defined teams and have league play, we may consider switching to that.   But to start, we want to invite everyone who wants to check out kayak polo and have some fun to show up – it’s an excellent way to hone your paddling skills, and the “sprinting” involved in this game is a good workout.  We intend to have two sets of two teams each night:  one set will play “civilized” polo (no shoving or flipping of others), and the other set will be somewhat rowdier with flipping of others (who are holding the ball) allowed.  Each set of teams will get two fast-paced 20 minute games, for four games total each evening. So you will be able to choose your style of play.  And everyone will have a great time, because that seems to be what happens – lots of happy grins on the way back to the locker room at the end of each evening!

Also – it is an 8 week session, so registration should be $80.  Dates will be October 14-December 16, with no polo on October 28 (swim meet), or November 11 (stat holiday).

Remember, if you want to play, we need you to pay! The pool is not cheap to rent and we need the support and participation of our membership to ensure a successful fall season.

If anyone has an idea, question, or concern about this format, please let us know. We want it to be fun for everyone!

Your kayak polo coordinator is looking forward to hearing from you!


Bob Kostelnik

[email protected]