Kayak Polo
Fall 2004

Your Kayak Polo coordinators this season are Tammy Reis and Derrick Law. We have looked at past seasons of kayak polo and have a few ideas that may help keep the numbers of players high while keeping the excitement and fun appealing to all paddlers.

This year, it's going to be a blast from the past - League play! Two leagues, Competitive and Recreational. Recreational League will consist of players who will not tackle (flip) each other, whereas Competitive League will be the mayhem we are all used to and enjoy! In addition there will be formal teams chosen within each league, chosen by a team captain.

Past experience has shown that relying on 'drop-in' players to cover pool rental costs has not worked. Only fully paid up players will be eligible for a permanent place on a team, with each team being able to pick up 2 'drop-ins' maximum. If a team cannot field 3 permanent teammates, they can pick up enough 'drop-ins' to play, but will forfeit the match.

Team Captains are responsible for coming up with a team name and ensuring their team arrives at the pool on schedule in sufficient numbers to not forfeit the match. (if there are more Team Captains than teams, we will draw names from a hat)

Results will be kept and forwarded to the newspapers along with pictures. A prize will be awarded to the 1st place team in each league. The more players we have signed up, the better the prize will be.

Recreational League players may play as a sub on the Competitive League teams as if they are a 'drop-in', however they will be playing as a regular Competitive League player (flip and be flipped).

Each team will play at least one game per night, players could theoretically play in each game in an evening depending on the number of available sub positions.

Here are the details:
Teams: Recreational League=2 Competitive League=4
Players: 5 signed up (permanent) players per team, 2 sub players picked up from 'drop-ins' or another team's permanent players.
Team Selection: Team Captains will draft 4 available players from those that will sign up on the first night.
Dates and Time: Every Friday night from October 15 to December 10 from 8:00pm to 9:30pm
Costs: $90 per player ($10 per night) or $12 per night as a 'Drop-in' remember though, only fully paid up players get permanent placement on a team. Players must be a YCKC member for insurance purposes.
Registration: Use the on-line registration form listed at the bottom of this by October 14. On October 15, players to arrive at 7:45pm at the latest with cash or cheque payable to the Yukon Canoe and Kayak Club.
Team Selection: Captains to meet at the pool at 7:15 on October 15th to complete the player draft.

We will adjust the number of teams in each of the leagues depending on the pre-registration. If needed, we may increase the number of permanent players per team to 6 if it is warranted.

Remember, if you want to play, we need you to pay! The pool is not cheap to rent and we need the support and participation of our membership to ensure a successful fall season.

If anyone has an idea, question, or concern about this format, please let us know. We want it to be fun for everyone!

We have set up a special email address that goes to both coordinators, it is:

[email protected]

And please use this link to register:


Your kayak polo coordinators are looking forward to hearing from you!


Tammy Reis
Derrick Law