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1998 Whitehorse Whitewater Rodeo Results

We had good weather, and a good turn out. Thirty-two competitors and about two hundred spectators at the old city intake.


1st Jeff Lewis 2:49
2nd Ralph Rhein 2:50
3rd Bob Daffe 2:58
4th Derrick Law 3:33
5th Jason Foster 3:34
6th Brian Bell 3:55
Wayne Foster Dsq.
Sam Penner Dsq.
Scott Boone Dsq.
1st Theresa Landman 3:30

1.Sly Jack 4:39

1st Kevin Daffe 3:01
2nd Scott Burrell 3:29
1. Owen Holmes
2. Bernard Gibson

Participants had to paddle out into the river, flip the raft at a buoy, get everyone
onto the bottom of the upside down raft, do a 'High-5' (see photo at right)
then right the raft, paddle around the end on the intake and make it to shore.

1. Derrick Law, Bob Daffe, Scott Boone, Jason Foster, Ralph Rhein time: 2:06

2. Yvonne Harris, Vernon Beebe, Ayvie Smith, Mike Terlesky 2:21

3. Kyle Hale, Jeff Lewis, Kevin Daffe, Brian Bell 2:28

4. Sly Jack, Owen Holmes, Ben Gibson, Reid Kennedy Dsq.
(So just how are everyone's shins???)

raftflip.jpg (41427 bytes)
The winning team giving a high-5 before righting the raft.
Photo by Heather Clements, courtesy the Yukon News


Kayak Freestyle - Advanced Men Women
1st Wayne Foster 1st Charlene Stark
2nd Ralph Rhein (Swiss guy) 2nd Theresa Landman
3rd Jeff Lewis
4th Dave Boychuck
5th Brian Bell
Kayak Freestyle - Intermediate Men Women
1st Mike Terlesky 1st Janet Arntzen
2nd Jeremy Roscoe 2nd Ingrid Wilcox
3rd Sly Jack
Kayak Freestyle - Beginner Men Women
1st Reid Kennedy Catherine Doyle
2nd Victor Menkal
Youth Advanced Youth Intermediate
1st Kevin Daffe 1st Owen Holmes
2nd Scott Burrell 2nd Bernard Gibson
3rd Nathan Quinsey
theresa.JPG (64004 bytes) Theresa Landman finishing a move in the Women's Freestyle

Photo by Heather Clements, courtesy the Yukon News


1st Trevor Braun / Steve Hoe
2nd Yvonne Harris / Vernon Beebe


1st Bob Daffe
2nd Scott Burrell
3rd Kevin Daffe
4th Ayvi Smith
5th Wayne Foster
6th Theresa Landman
7th Yvonne Harris / Emily Harris
8th Mike Terlesky
9th Kyle Hale
10th Owen Holmes
11th Sly Jack
12th Marie Burrell

Great media coverage with Whitehorse Star and Yukon News photographers, plus Dave Croft of CBC radio out on the island with the Freestyle judges. Thank you for your interest.

The professionalism of this year's M.C. Russ Knutson (CBC radio) was quite obvious in his ability to convey information and entertain the crowd. Thanks a lot Russ!

Thanks to Charlene Stark for a good job at the microphone describing various Rodeo moves as demonstrated by Ralph Rhein and Jeff Lewis.

The following businesses proved their generosity by providing great draw prizes for the competitors. Many thanks.

Chilkoot Brewery Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters
Coast Mountain Sports Prospect Yukon
Deja Vu Music U-Brew Yukon
Kanoe People Valhala Pure Outfitters

Many thanks to Northern Avcom Ltd. for the two-way radios, Sport Yukon for stop watches, Mt. Sima ski team for the racing bibs, Tatshenshini Expediting for transporting competitors and boats up river, City of Whitehorse for picnic tables and electrical power, Yukon Electric for river flow control.

Last but not least the many volunteers whose efforts made for another fun Rodeo. Pat yourselves on the back.

See you all again next year for Whitewater Rodeo numero eight.
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