The Tutshi River (pronounced TOO-shy) flows from lakes of the 'Skagway Summit', along the highway from Whitehorse to Skagway Alaska.  The river is actually in British Columbia, due the the strange meandering of the road along the 60th parallel border.

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Typically one of the first rivers to open in the spring, this river is a favourite of the local intermediate+ boaters.

Video of a raft running the Nozzle (2MB) not a typical line through....

Video of a raft running 'The waterfall" (5.5MB)...

Video where catching the eddy would have been better (4.5MB)....

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Tutshi River Pictures

dallas_grab_waterfall docs_rock shaun_nozzle shaun_waterfall vern_nozzle
dallas_grab_wate... docs_rock.jpg shaun_nozzle.jpg shaun_waterfall.jpg vern_nozzle.jpg
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