The Lapie River runs along the very scenic South Canol Highway, which starts just south of Johnson's Crossing (an hour and a quarter south of Whitehorse) and leads to the village of Ross River.  The put in is at kilometer 208 from the Alaska Highway and the take out is about 10 kilometers past that.  We canoed it in late August so the river was low and boney.  Also, due to the Yukon's early fall season (yes August/September is our fall) the alders were all changing colour, adding bright yellow to the green pine trees.

As always, I need to work on the text some more, but in the meantime here are the photos - click on each one for a bigger picture and description.

Rapid one Rapid one Rapid one
Rapid three Rapid three Rapid three
Rapid three Last drop - nasty Last drop - from downriver

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