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The one-day trip on the Kluane River.

Length: 30 to 36km

Time: approximately 6 hours

Difficulty: Class III

Topographic Maps (286k): 115 G/6, 115 G/7, 115 G/11

Put-In: Burwash Landing or Dalan Campground

Take Out: Anywhere within 5 km after the first sign of the road along the river (Glacier Creek at km 1791 on the Alaska Hwy). Don’t go too far because the next stop is Dawson City.


River description:

You have to paddle 7 or 8 km on Kluane Lake (good surfing if the wind is in your back). Stay close to shore in case of strong winds or big waves. At the mouth of the river, you can stop at Old Burwash Village for a historical visit.

The first rapid (Class II) is about 5 kilometers down the river from Old Burwash village. It’s a big wave in the middle of the river. If you stay right, you can take the "V" to avoid the rapid. Depending on the volume, the river can flow at a very good pace (I was cruising at 16km/h one day). This river is not flat water - there are waves all along - but it is also wide enough that sweepers can be avoided if you can control your boat.

The second rapid is at km 8 on the river. It’s at the end of an obvious "S" turn. It’s a Class II with standing waves on the right side. If you stay left, you will miss most of the big water. The river still moves along until a smooth surfing wave on the right side.

kluane.jpg (18461 bytes) This fun surf is half a kilometer before the big Class III rapid.

The Class III rapid is about 13 km from the mouth of the river. Scout or portage on the right. Be careful because the rapid is at the beginning of a left turn on the river and comes up quickly. The easiest route is to stay close to the right shore. If you choose to go through the middle, be careful because there was a huge tree in 1999. The rest of the river is easy but stay alert-some interesting surfing might pop-up along the river. Stay away from high eroding banks. This is a pretty young river and erosion is still quite active. Camping is possible along the way.

The first take out is at km 23 on the river (Glacier Creek) and the last one (don’t miss it) is about 5 km down (km 1796 on the Alaska Hwy).

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