East Aishihik River - first descent

achieved on 9/24/2000

1put-in 2put-in-upstream 3put-in-downstream 4lastclassv 5take-out 6group
Looking down into the canyon Looking upstream at the put in The first bend The last hard class V The take out The paddlers

Whitehorse paddlers Bob Daffe, Theresa Landman, Andy Hyde, and Derrick Law achieved the first descent of East Aishihik river, below Otter (2, 3) and Rainbow Falls.

The run was about 8 kilometers, the first kilometer a twisty, pushy class V run with about 4 eddies in total and some of the biggest trees in the river I have ever seen in the Yukon. 

Remote+sweeper hazards+first descent+few eddies = one heart pumping good time.

More info to follow later......