In February and March, 1998 some friends met up in southern Chile to again paddle some of the world's best whitewater.

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Please visit the Futaleufu Preservation Web Site, you'll be glad you did.

I am working on a journal of our adventures on this trip. Read the DRAFT here.

1998 paddlers Salto del Indio Yeso River slot Jeff on the Himalayas
Inferno - 4th rapid Ralph entering Zeta Zeta and the room of doom
Jeff Lewis on the Gol Gol Ross and Graham on the Fuy Gol Gol waterfall
Lower Gol Gol More Fuy Fun Palguin Falls

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For those who were on the trip, here is a page with nearly everyone running the 18 foot falls on the Fuy.

Pictures from 1997's kayak trip to Chile also online here.

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