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Acting Presidents Message
Theresa Landman
Summer is just around the next bend and lots of boaters are keen to dip their paddles and get ice cream headaches in their favorite icy cold Yukon rivers. Let's get out there and paddle and have a great season!!
YCKC has many exciting events and projects happening such as Rock the River, Youth Program, Kayak Water Polo Tournaments, Yukon Whitewater Rodeo, Yukon River Quest Canoe Race and Tuesday nights at the intake.

There will be CRCA Canoe, Kayak and Seakayak instructor and skill level courses offered here this summer.

Come out to the Waterwalker Festival May 13th 07:30 pm at the Yukon Arts Centre, to wet your appetite for the upcoming paddling season. There are a variety of videos including impressive whitewater kayaking, canoe tripping on the Mountain River and a seakayaking trip around Ireland.

A big Thank-You to the Executive and volunteers for all their hard work contributed to the club.

Special thanks to John Quinsey, Vernon Beebe, Mary-Jane Oliver, Bob Daffe, Cindy Underhill, Wade Holmes, Bill Curtis and Ingrid Wilcox.
" My paddle's keen and bright, flashing like silver, follow the wild goose flight- dip, dip and swing."

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