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introductory kayaking and other skills, the development of an urban whitewater recreational park, specialty courses and many other activities that promote water sports as a family activity.  The YC&KC also provides an opportunity for Yukon paddlers and visitors to voice their ideas and concerns about paddling issues in the Yukon.
On a national level, the YC&KC is an active member of the Canadian Recreational Canoeing Assoc. (CRCA), a national organization made up of provincial/territorial canoeing and kayaking associations.  Our role within the CRCA is to provide a voice for the a Yukon paddling community and to direct the CRCA in it's functions.  All decisions regarding canoeing and kayaking in the Yukon are made by the YC&KC Executive and it's members.  As a member of the CRCA, we are a part of its Board of Directors where each provincial/territorial association has a vote regarding CRCA policies, procedures and functions.  The YC&KC also has a representative from the Yukon on the CRCA Program Development Committee.  This person is the YC&KC Director of Program Development.  The CRCA PDC's main focus is with the continued development of the CRCA canoeing program.  Representatives on this committee are certified instructors and instructor trainers who are actively involved in the delivery of CRCA canoeing programs. People wishing to deliver CRCA canoeing programs must be certified CRCA Instructors who have current membership with both the YC&KC and the CRCA.  Instructors must register courses with the YC&KC prior to delivery to ensure accreditation by the YC&KC and the CRCA.  Recently, the YC&KC chose two candidates from the Yukon to attend two instructor trainer workshops hosted by the CRCA to train instructor trainers and/or instructors to implement the newly developed CRCA River and Sea Kayaking Programs this spring and summer.  The selection of these candidates by the YC&KC Executive Committee was based on the candidates advanced technical skill, advanced teaching experience and their commitment to the Yukon and Canadian kayaking community. Congratulations go to Bob Daffe for River Kayaking and Joe Bishop for Sea Kayaking.  Pending their successful completion of the workshop, the YC&KC hopes to offer certified Instructors and Instructor Trainers.  Richard will take part in reviewing the standards and policies of the new CRCA Moving Water Program.
In closing, if you have any questions or

concerns regarding local and national issues, please contact myself at 633-5261 or any member of the YC&KC Executive.
Have a safe and fun paddling season!
Cindy Underhill

Instructional Courses for 1999

he following courses are being offered to train instructors within the CRCA canoeing and kayaking programs.  As well as instructor level courses, skill level courses are also being offered as prerequisite to future instructor courses.  For more information on any of these courses, please contact Cindy Underhill, YC&KC Director of Program Development at 633-5261(evening) or the contact person listed.

Flatwater Instructor
Dates:  June 4-6 and June 11-13, 1999
Location:  Whitehorse Area
Contact:  Cindy Underhill, pH. 633-5261
Note:  This is a prerequisite for all other CRCA Instructor level courses.

Moving Water Level 1
Dates: June 25-27, 1999
Location:  Whitehorse Area
Contact:  Richard Malvasio, pH. 393-1212
Note:  Those planning on taking the CRCA Moving Water Instructor 1 Course in the future should take this course.

Other potential courses to look forward to in 1999-2000:

  • CRCA Canoeing Moving Water Instructor 1
  • CRCA River Kayaking Instructor 1
  • CRCA Sea Kayaking Instructor 1
  • CRCA Skill Level Courses in Lakewater and River Canoeing, River Kayaking and Sea Kayaking.

Canoe Clinic

Solomon Carrierre, one of the foremost canoe racers in North America will give a racing clinic on:

Saturday and Sunday, June 5 & 6, 1999
The two afternoon sessions will be suitable for racers as well as canoeists wishing to improve their technique.
Registration fee: $125
For information and registration forms contact:
Yvonne Harris
Ph.867- 668-7874
e-mail: yharris@hypertech.yk.ca

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