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Rock the River - Update!

Good news!!

The Club has been granted a Water License to begin construction on a rapid in the Yukon River.  (For those of you who are interested in reading the details contact Theresa Landman.)

Bad news!!

The five spur whitewater rapid is on hold.  We're now down to one spur and a lot of monitoring work. Our funding proposals were all based on a five spur model. So we're in the process of finding out what impact the project's redesign will have on the dollars.


In working through the Rock the River proposal with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) it became very clear that for the project to proceed we had to address the departments concerns over:

  • the potential impact downstream to the constructed compensation channels for the Robert Service Way Road reconstruction; and
  • the potential to negatively impact fish and fish habitat.

With the assistance of DFO, the Club modified its proposal to include a feasibility study.  The study would see the construction of one in-water structure within the Yukon River and, through a program of monitoring, assess the impacts of the structure as well as provide information to facilitate the approval of an expanded whitewater park.

The Yukon Territory Water Board concluded it's consultations with respect to the revised plans and approved the placement of a "test spur" in the Yukon River. However, because this would be a feasibility study, the monitoring requirements imposed by the Board are greater than what would be typically be required for the in-water structure itself.  To ensure that this monitoring will yield credible results, the Board has directed that it be conducted by individuals of professional standing.

We see the work proceeding in three phases:
1. Finalize design
2. Construction
3. Post Construction monitoring/inspection/reporting
  (With the assistance of a professional engineer and fish habi
tat biologist, it is our intention to work with local high school and incorporate the Experiential Sciences and Outdoor Education programs into the monitoring.)

It will take a couple of weeks after the funding is confirmed to finalize the design and get construction happening. If the weather holds we may be able to rock the river this year

October 17th latest update….construction starts October 22nd!!

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