Yukon Canoe and Kayak Club

Meeting May 1st, 2001


Present: Bill Curtis, Gary Morgan, Trevor Braun (observing), Derrick Law (observing), Bob Daffe, and Theresa Landman

Meeting was called to order at 07:15 pm. Minutes from AGM were not ready and will be reviewed at next meeting. Minutes will be e-mailed to all the executive so they can be reviewed before the meeting.

It was moved that any 2 of the President, Treasurer, VP Canoeing, Kayaking and Sea Kayaking and Secretary shall sign cheques.

Bob will e-mail updated membership lists. Do not send it as an attachment to Trevor. Membership forms will be changed so that all the family members’ names are listed. Gary has made up a new membership form.

Sea kayaking courses - April 20th almost full. May 4th & 11 th are fully booked with waiting lists. These sessions are self –rescue courses. On June 2nd at Chadburn Lake more advanced skills and rescue in cold water will be taught. Kanoe People will be renting sea kayaks that evening. The club will profit $300-$400 for these courses and everyone must be a member to take any courses from YCKC.

Bob talked to the City, they are putting on rolling sessions and they are full. The City has expressed interest in working with the club in possibly subsidizing kayak water polo and rolling sessions.

Gary wondered if there were any pool sessions available for sea kayaking because of increased demand and interest. He will talk to Mark about this.

Sue had concerns over e-mail, there should be no problem sending e-mail to all the members. Derrick will discuss this with her.

A new waiver for the club will be made up this fall

To use any equipment from the club one must be a member.

Any info regarding courses, pool sessions etc. give to Derrick and he will put it on the website.

Bill indicated we got $2400 from YEC for insurance, gas, and other expenses.

RCMP will give funding for 1 student; they will be wearing the RCMP uniform for the Youth Program advertising posters will be going to schools and group homes. The RCMP wants as many youth activities as we can fit in our schedule.

YCKC will try getting the hired student to take courses such as CRCA canoeing , river rescue and first aid. This will be apart of their work schedule.

We also received $1400 from Canoe Yukon Summer Career Placement for a student for 6 weeks of work. This would only be $7.50 an hour and probably a high school student to help out the RCMP student.

We are still waiting for other funding that may come through.

The executive will make up " How to do Lists" for the hired students

Duties for the Director of Communications are:

    1. Newsletters to be done Late Spring, Mid Fall and Mid Winter.
    2. Advertising newspaper, radio and street billboards
    3. Send information e-mails to members
    4. Billboard for Youth Program ( call Derrick for help if needed)

For newsletters look for articles. There should be an update on student hiring, summer events, CRCA, President report, courses etc.

Let members choose if they want their newsletter e-mailed to them or regular mail. Bob will talk to Sue about this.

Rock the River

May 9-10 backhoe will be at the intake for 10hrs each day. The form will be taken away from the cement rock. The chute will initially be blocked so that the backhoe can get to the far end of the intake.


Something concrete of what CRCA really is and what we want to accomplish will be discussed and eventually written out.

Gary indicates that CRCA canoeing is on stream this year with the Board of Education and there is becoming an increased demand for this certification. A flat water instructor CRCA course is being taught this month.

There is some discussion on where to take CRCA. Should we eventually remove it from the club so that it is independent from the club or should we continue to have control over it?…..to be continued

Trevor made up a survey to find out how many people have been involved in CRCA in the Yukon. Gary will make copies and certain target groups will be given the survey.

Trevor will be instructing a moving water instructor course, the executive approved this. Trevor is an instructor Level 2

Governing Body

There is a discussion on if we want to become a governing body. This will give us access to more funding but we would be more involved in developing athletes, having level 3 coaches, arranging more competitive events, funding athletes to compete outside of the Yukon etc. Bob will talk to Watson Lake and Haines Junction paddlers to get a club started so that we would all be in the governing body.

YRAC has a similar focus as CRCA in that they are not geared totally to athletes but rather recreation. Girl guides and boy scouts get funding from YRAC and maybe YCKC can apply for funding from them.

Theresa will file new executive list at corporate affairs

Meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m.