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The "Rum Run" is a raft race on the Blanshard and Tatshenshini Rivers, held every year, just before Canada Day.  Rafts are given a handicap based on the speed of their design and first raft to the take out at Dalton Post (40km downstream) wins.  No rules, no referees.

1998 Rum Run Results:

Raft Guide / Time Elapsed (not including handicap)

Kevin 1hr 42 min
Pat 1hr 44 min
Dave 1hr 46 min
Ryan 1hr 47 min
Mary 1hr 53 min
Sam 1 hr 56 min
Richard 1hr 49 min
Mike 1hr 50 min
Marie 1hr 51 min
Marcus 1hr 51 min
Ben 2hrs 4 min
Heather 2hrs 9 min
Gillespie 2hrs 20 min
Buster 2hrs 17 min
Krista very late
Karen Last

Approximately 110 competitors participated

This annual event was held on June 30th on the Blanshard and Tatshenshini Rivers. The water was medium, under cloudy conditions.