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The "Rum Run" is a raft race on the Blanshard and Tatshenshini Rivers, held every year, around Canada Day.  Rafts are given a handicap based on the speed of their design and first raft to the take out at Dalton Post (29km downstream) wins.  No rules, no referees.

2000 Rum Run Results:

Raft Guide / Time Elapsed (not including handicap)

Sam Penner 1hr 20 min (A record time!)
Mike Treleski <?> 1hr 21 min
Ryan Drummond 1hr 22 min
Bob Daffe 1hr 23 min
Eyvi Smith 1hr 40 min

Approximately 30 competitors participated
runrace2000winners.jpg (85858 bytes)

The winning team, Shannon, Derrick, Sam, Brett, and Eva.

rumrace2000guides.jpg (74675 bytes)

The guides of this year's race having a safety talk prior to racing.

rumrace2000_flow.gif (81291 bytes)

This is the Enviroment Canada report during the period of the race. Can you say flood?


This annual event was held on July 1st on the Blanshard and Tatshenshini Rivers. The water was ridiculously high, under cloudy skies.