2001 Whitehorse Whitewater Rodeo

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The Yukon Canoe and Kayak Club

10th Annual Whitewater Rodeo

Wed, August 1st, 2001, 5:30 pm

LOCATION: Yukon River by Selkirk Street in Riverdale (the Intake)



SLALOM: a difficult course of 9 gates threaded through a wild stretch of whitewater, this course challenged all the paddlers who put on a great show for the spectators who lined the river to watch. Time was added for gates touched, and for gates missed.

Top 3 finishers:

1. Kevin Daffe 1:46
2. Adam Vallard 2:14
3. Jeff Lewis 2:26

FREESTYLE RODEO: here is where the paddlers get to show their "tricks", throwing out spins, surfs, cartwheels, blunts, roundhouses, and just plain great moves for the crowd to appreciate and admire. This event attracted both kayaks and canoes, and gave the spectators lots to cheer about.

Competitors got points for the difficulty of the moves they did, and the variety of different moves, as well as crowd appreciation. Owen Holmes was the undisputed classiest showman of the bunch!

Kayak - female: Erin Vallard 22.5 points

Kayak - youth: Owen Holmes 30 points


1. Louis Pelletier 27 points
2. Leif Austad 19 points
2. Mike Terlesky 19 points

Kayak - men:

1. Kevin Daffe 97.5 points
2. Jeff Lewis 83 points
3. BA Belton 70 points

GIANT SLALOM: in the interest of time and spectator fun, we did a mass start for this final event. Competitors were SUPPOSED to pick up 7 streamers from posts along the way, but most cheated just a little here and there... The judge's subjective final ranking for competitors out of the resulting pandemonium is:

1) Ayla Kempton (junior, kayak)

2) Louis Pelletier (canoe)

3) Leif Austad (canoe)


A BIG thanks to all the Whitehorse businesses who donated prizes or provided other forms of support for this rodeo. And a BIG thanks to all the volunteers who make events like this a reality in the Yukon - we couldn't do this without you!


A particular thanks to John Quinsey for taking the lead in setting up and organizing the Slalom course and event, and to Kevin Daffe for organizing the freestyle wave event.


Be sure to get out there and try out the slalom course - it is exciting, and will only be there for a while!


Rodeo Prizes donated by:

Kayak Yukon
Yukon Brewing Co.
Valhalla Pure
Kanoe People
Hougen's camera store
Sports Lodge
Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters
Aroma Borealis
Books on Main
Midnight Sun Gallery
Judas Creek Commons Bakery

Other contributions by:

Yukon Energy Corp: use of their waterway, and funds for club equipment and program supports

Yukon Honda: use of generator for sound system

Total North: use of hand-held radios for rodeo

City of Whitehorse: support in Rock the River, to improve the Intake area

Derrick Law: tunes for the rodeo sound system


Happy paddling one and all -


Violet van Hees
VP, Kayaking, YCKC