Wheaton River Flood 1999
This is the sight which greeted us June 18th, 1999 - no run today!

The Wheaton is a class II-III small volume river merely 50 minutes drive from Whitehorse.  Heading to Carcross take a right at Annie Lake Road and continue 24km along this dirt road to the take out bridge.  The put-in is 10km further up the road.

I took a drive out to the take out of the Wheaton run and saw that the bridge is now re-installed!  Looks like we'll get to see what the flood of two springs ago did to the river!

Article in the Yukon News on October 15th, 1999 regarding the Government's plans to replace this bridge!

Sweepers have abounded in the past, but with the highest water on the Wheaton in memory (taking out the bridge - see below) who knows what the river looks like these days.