Equipment suggestion list for Nepal river trip.

For tenting:

Boating equipment:

Personal gear:


You should carry a pouch with some documents and $$ in a ziplock bag. Water proof.

Make a Photocopy of your passport.

Supplied: One large waterproof bag (100 liters)

This is only a suggestions list. TRAVEL LIGHT.


The biggest problem is stomach flu, mainly from the food before the trip or excessive booze or the effects of the sun. Talk to your doc.

We will use my water purification system.

There are spiders, scorpions and others. As always they are not a problem as long as you take some precautions. Check your shoes in the morning - keep your dry bags and tents zipped up, closed - Keep your spray deck on the kayak at night and tie it closed – etc…

Malaria is present, resistant to chloroquine. Ask your Public Health or Doc.

Be aware that, my personal experience, on past trips I have seen about 25% of people getting allergic reaction to the drugs. The best way to avoid malaria is prevention. The malaria mosquitoes bite at night. Long sleeve, long pants, socks, and a good mosquito netting on your tent will stop the problem. The type of malaria in Nepal is curable.

Katmandu is free of malaria.

General Info:

Incoming: Hotel reservations will be made in Katmandu. Somebody will meet you at the airport.

Kayak models and rental fees.

Average temperatures: 20c + during the day, high to low teens at night.

We can leave extra gear in Katmandu.

We have a 2 hours carry in to the river put in, downhill, so travel light on the river trip. You will carry your own backpack.


Mainly one pot meals. Room in raft is tight and because of the heat we will not have much for perishable. No coolers.

Breakfast: oatmeal

Lunch: usual spread, make your own.

Supper: Soup and one pot meal (Spaghetti, etc)

Information needed:

Bob needs: Name, age and passport number, so that I have an info sheet for the road blocks, park rangers etc.

Any medical condition

Arrival time, date and flight number so that we can meet you at the airport.

Free Advice: Go with the flow. This is Adventure Travel, the river is most of the time the easiest thing. Before we get there they might be delays or other surprises. This is Nepal.


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